We Love Bully Breeds.

So We Don't Want to See Them Homeless or Euthanized.

Because bully breeds have such large litters (sometimes up to 12 puppies), they face housing discrimination, spend the longest time in shelters and are the dogs most often euthanized, we are making Operation Pit Stop available in several communities to help put an end to overpopulation. As important to putting an end to oops and accidental litters, spaying or neutering will help your bully pup live a longer, healthier life!

Thousands of bully breed puppies and adults are euthanized in shelters each year, and many languish in cages and on the streets, unwanted and unloved. We want to stop this cycle of suffering and death, and eliminate unplanned and unwanted puppies from ever happening in the first place. So, if you are a bully breed owner, we encourage you to do the right thing for your pup and for the breed you love, and get your dog spayed or neutered. We’ll even do it for FREE, and provide updated vaccinations, too.

Operation Pit Stop is a free spay/neuter program sponsored by the nonprofit rescue groups Wings of Rescue and Friends of Miami Animals Foundation, and generously supported  by Tito’s Vodka for Dog People. In partnership with local shelters, Operation Pit Stop typically operates during a one- or two-month period, scheduling as many spay or neuter procedures as possible in the time allotted.

We’ve already provided over 500 free services through OPS in Miami-Dade County, and 250 more in partnership with the North Texas Humane Society. And since we have plans to expand Operation Pit Stop into Summer and Fall, we should see some meaningful impact soon on shelter populations. It is estimated that for every procedure there could be hundreds fewer unwanted puppies in local shelters during the next two years.

Here's a Great Chart with Some of the Reasons
Why it is a Good Idea to Spay or Neuter ALL Pets!
From Our Friends at IndyHumane!

Please don't contribute to bull breed overpopulation.

We know bully breed owners love their pets. Sometimes that love leads to a decision to breed those pets or to leave males “intact” and females unsterilized and leading to unwanted pregnancies. Breeding your dog or leaving them vulnerable to unwanted pregnancies isn’t showing love for your pet, it’s putting each puppy at risk for a hard life. Many of the pitty mixes and pit bulls that show up at local shelters started out being wanted and the result of good intentions. Regardless of how they end up in a shelter, once they do, life is very uncertain and many end up euthanized or abandoned on the street.

How Operation Pit Stop Works

It’s simple and easy. You can register for a free spay or neuter procedure by following the links below. Appointments are limited and services are available on a first come, first served basis. Once a time is confirmed, a shelter representative will reach out and send the specifics about event location, preparation process, pick-up and drop-off time and anything else you need to know. We will need to collect personal information like your address and telephone number and email, but that information will only be used by the Operation Pit Stop team and will not be shared with any other agencies.

Here the hard-working veterinarians and incredible support teams in Tulsa are off to a fantastic start this summer at a special hospital set up just for Operation Pit Stop. Bully-breed dogs are in good hands with this amazing crew. Please join us!

Check Out This Video from Hockey Superstar Victor Hedman!

Victor, who plays for the Tampa Bay Lightning, is a superstar on the ice and with his dog, too. He knows the value of having your pet spayed or neutered, and encourages all bully-breed owners to take advantage of Operation Pit Stop to have their dog spayed or neutered for FREE!

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